Monday, March 30, 2009

at last im in.

sorry I'm late was having a hur of trouble computers and i don't seem to get on, and I'm useless at spelling!

I have three passions , textiles, snowboarding and horse riding(eventing and dressage). here is a visual of my favorite place in winter.

in my studio practice i have been working with this


  1. great pics Cyndy. You're away now "galloping towards the sunrise". There is a spell checker on blogger - when you see a red squiggly line just right click (or left if you left mouse) on the word and some options will come up.

    What sort of horse do you event with?

  2. Cindy! This is great. Check out my other blog. I also like mountains covered in snow. We do a lot of back country and want to use horses to access some of the snow lines around Ohau.. can you help us with that?

  3. Hi Cyndy
    love your blog! we talked about blog writing and etiquette in the workshop with Bronwyn. I waffle too much.

  4. hi bronwyn, so just got to this old blog re horses , both my horses are station bred clyde, x.cheers cyndy

  5. hi leigh, sorry just blogged in and can only suggest to get intouch with ohau station about horses up that neck of the woods , i know they muster up that way and that would be a wonderful experience. I have often thought about that cheers cyndy