Wednesday, April 8, 2009

reflection and experiencial

Im really interested in reflective practice and also experiencial learning . i have the names of a couple of books
1.reflective practice writing and personal development, Gillie Bolton
2. Reflection to transformation edited Nick Zepke, Dean Nugent and Linda Leach .
does any one know any others? or have any ideas etc ta cyn.
I am also working with relection and shadow with my practical studio work it prettty exciting .


  1. HI Cyndy - great blog! I love the colours and the set out - it is bright and easy to get around. I am really passionate about reflective practice and Gillie Bolton has written some great stuff about how to do reflective practice. I came over to Rotorua last year for a NZ Reflective Practice conference. I will see what else I can dig up for you, and there is other stuff on my blog.



  2. I Cyndy
    you can't beat a bit of reflective natter with some work mates about whats happening/happened and hopefully going to happen.
    love your blog

  3. hi helen sorry i havent got back to u . thanks for the information re gillie bolton will need to look her up and check it out.chers cyndy