Wednesday, April 8, 2009

there seems to be a problem with two of my webb links when I click on them to bring them up they cant find them , I have looked at these links before i placed them as a learning tool and they were great links any ideas any one? please help me the links are :Hands on and www.india

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  1. Hi Cyndy, I saw that.

    You need to be careful when you enter the link in the little box that pops up. Sometimes you may not be entering a full and proper link. It should start with http://... and usually ends with .com org etc. Sometimes if you are linking deeper into a website, that ending will be different.

    Looking at the india link.. you notice how when you hover the mouse over it and look down the bottom left of the screen, right down there you should see the link that it is going to... I see "http://www.india" when I should see

    This tells me that you either hand typed the link in rather than copy paste it, or soomething went a little wrong in the copy pasting.