Monday, June 1, 2009

considerations for pair studenting

i have blogged Helen about the idea of pair studenting this idea came when Tracey and myself were talking on Friday after our elluminate and after having got our audio onto our blog with the help of Leigh(where would we be with out you or Bronwyn? insane id say!! haha). We both had recognised how important it has been that we have been doing this course together and how much support and help we gave to each other, yay ! We both agreed that we would not be here had we not each other to lean on. I supposed this could be implemented with in many programmes how ever i wish to implement this within my elective-block coming up .
I feel this will facilitate learning with in the diverse mix of student age , discipline and also learning abilities year dependent in there stage of learning.
This links with Anna Hughes education for sustainable teaching and learning she spoke of the (Otago polytechnic)embrace of experiential learning / enquiry based learning.
The teaching and developing attributes in the students such as :Action competence, developing confidence , critical thinking, understanding , reflection , and communication.
That the curriculum be delivered in a flex able way which imparts students in:
Year 1; values, reflection, communication, group skills, enables understanding in them selves and others.
Year 2; to impart ownership of learning in negotiation with the teacher.
Year 3; students to initiate and engage in there work.


  1. Excellent idea Cyndy - not sure if you were talking about blogging me or the other Helen that is taking the course too? But, anyway, pair tutoring - a bit like peer support? I would have loved to have a "buddy" on our flexible learning course, I think it would have really supported the learning to have someone to bounce ideas off on a regular basis - great plan

  2. Hi Cyndy, Helen.. I think my comment I left on Cyndy's post with audio should have been here.. I'm interested to discuss this study buddy idea.. I think we can all speak of experiences where it has worked, I'm not sure I can think of a time where it worked when a teacher set it up though.. including my own teaching work.. how could it be down authenticly?

    My impression is that Tracey and Cyndy were mates before the course - or at least knew each other some? How will you pair people up who didn't know each other at all before doing the course? I wonder if its possible to allow them to pair off with anyone they like - even someone not in the course but who has an interest? Parents, best friends, people interested in helping.. Or is it something we can subtly set up to happen naturally?

    I just reckon that if I rocked up to a course and a teacher said, "right, now we're going to form buddies..." I would freak out! Maybe that's just me. Certainly having someone close to support me would be great.. it'd probably be my wife or a friend outside.. someone I have had time to trust and rely on, or someone I have an interest in working with.