Monday, June 1, 2009


The philosophy of the degree course in simple words is to work flexably and to honour diversity. Some of the statements of the philosophy to do with flexability are:

The curriculum is structured to enable the nurturing and development of a multy-disciplinary, interllectual, social and cultural awareness, and promotion of interpersonal and transferable design skills.

To facilitate learning in a creative, flexable and collaborative environment within a culture that promotes and supports design driven entrepreneurial opportunities.

Equip students with the tools and techniques and competence, required to work in their chosen career path within the extremely broad field of professional design.

Designers need to be broard based and with some understanding of other specializations. Demonstrate professional competency, specialized technical knowledge and conceptual skills and make a valuable contribution to the direction and advancement of the creative industries in New Zealand.

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  1. keep this handy for when you prepare your presentation (assignment 2). There is a point you need to cover in it that it will be useful in. Guess which one:
    * a concise explanation of your flexible learning plan;
    * examples or methods that inspired your plan;
    * how your plan fits within your educational organisation;
    * how you are addressing access and equity; cultural sensitivity; sustainability;
    * concluding comments.