Thursday, May 28, 2009

c and t flexable learning audio

here is a link to our audio. Tracey and i have interviewed each other discussing the idea of flexable learning from our course and how it is and can be intergrated within our teaching.


  1. Well done ladies - a great discussion on your flexible learning experiences - I had such a mission getting my audio on to my blog - but - a flexible learning curve for me! have you got a plan yet? I also agree that the quality of some of the videos are not great and would love to do my own like the hospo team have done there at Otago Poly.

  2. helen i thought you were really good with the computer stuff one could say you were a native sorry you too have trying times!!! to say the least. cheers cyndy. It is great working in pairs and tracey and myself really help each othere out we both would not be doing this course if we were working individually , I am going to pick up on this pairing up of students it could be very useful within my elective teaching as there are 1,2,3 year students all are at different learning stages if you consider Anna hughes Talk on sustainability and teaching and learning, on elluminate the other day. If we look at the teaching of learning within the years
    A) Year 1: values, reflection, communicate,group skillls,understanding them selves and others.
    B) Year 2: ownership of learning in recognition with the teacher.
    C) Year 3: student initiated and engaged.
    these learning skills could be shared by grouping students through the years togethier also within a student pair formate to enhance the learning of these skills.

  3. Thanks Cyndy - now read this and see you were talking about me!! excellent ideas - and I wouldn't call myself a computer native - just enjoy trying to find out how to do things myself - maybe that's my learning style!!

  4. Cyndy,, where you and Tracey mates before the course? How will you pair people up who didn't know each other before doing the course? I wonder if its possible to allow them to pair off with anyone they like - even someone not in the course but who has an interest? Parents, best friends, people interested in helping.. I just reckon that if I rocked up to a course and a teacher said, "right, now we're going to form buddies..." I would freak out! Maybe that's just me. Certainly having someone close to support me would be great.. it'd probably be my wife or a friend outside.. someone I have had time to trust and rely on.

  5. Great audio btw.. I reckon you guys aare a natural pair for audio.. you should do radio.. better still. a fashion school podcast! You clearly bounce off each other and keep in conversational...

    Its great to hear your voices.. some comedy would be nice, pretty hard to make "learning" a laughing matter though hey.. a real party killer.. lol

    Tracy, you said you looked hard for stuff and couldn't find useful stuff.. there's a blinding opportunity for you.. if there is a void, its is conceivably easy for you to get in there and occupy the space as the Chefs are doing. Perhaps there is some marketing budget you can draw on ;) not only would you be helping your students to access good info, you would be helping non students, future students, past students, and yourselves. Often uploading something is the thing that reveals the stuff you couldn't find before.

    Is there time? I dunno.. I kind of look back at the photo copying and prep I used to do for classes I taught in 2001. It took the same amount of time to do that as it does take to prepare online stuff.. even a quick and dirty video! The time was obviously in learning how to use these modern day photo copiers.

  6. leigh, Ta for your comments on our audio haha we did have a few laughs that were not included on that particular audio hahaha .
    Tracey and i have known each other prior to this course.
    sorry i havent comented back to you I have been really busy teaching electives.
    you brought up how to pair up students well haha as you say it would be terrifying to be paired up instantly with some one you do not know!!!! How ever if you wait for the class and students to develop there interests they can then be brought togthier with the aid of this.
    I have students with similar interest areas i.e designing for T-shirts too bring togethier , cushions, and or students using similar processes that also can be brought togethier, it is however difficult when they are working individually and or they already have a class mate. cheers

  7. having buddys to voice, share your work with is a grate advantage it could be done by getting the students to share there ideas with a class mate not from there discipline.this works pretty well. cheers cyndy

  8. A little bit like the video diarys on "Project Runway" and "NZ's next top model".. (I bet they all secretly watch these shows.. we do at my house.. but I reckon audio (or even video diarys on Youtube) would be a great engagement tool..