Monday, May 25, 2009

I am a new zealander

hi , i consider myself a new zealander. I was born in Gisborne , which i call the far east its located on the east coast of the north island, how ever i have been living in the far south for ages now!!!!!I love it. My grand parents are of both English and Scottish heritage and arrived in new Plymouth and Timaru by sailing ship. Man how breve they were to have sailed out to this new land of opportunity. We have some interesting history ill share with you on the Scottish side the Maxwell on the English side the Horner. Maxwell check out the tower of London and the Horner do you all remember the nursery rhyme these are great story's and worth reading check them out cheers cyndy.


  1. Hi Cyndy - it's funny how we see our family history. My great grandmother and grandfather were born in NZ after coming (separately) on boats from the UK and I have also wondered what it must have been like to take that journey - they were so brave. My grandfather was born in NZ 3 days after his mother and father arrived, so I wonder if his mother was anxious to be on the land before he came along. Yet my family sees themselves, very much as Aussies. It's an interesting topic and I think I will need to ponder it a bit more.



  2. I came to Gisborne when I first moved to NZ form England, and boy, did I get a culture shock. Now I look back on those three as a time of great learning and growth. Would love to go back one day.

  3. hi sarah yes gisborne can give you culture shock!! it is a beautiful place to revisit , first city of the sun you know!