Monday, May 4, 2009

reflective learning

i am trying to sort out what it is that we are surpose to be achieving, and to find a passion in this course so i am wanting to look at reflective learning /experiencial learning and at the same time the emotive in some way, these i would like to parallel with my own practice?
Reflective learning linking with the experience of learning.


  1. Cyndy,
    love this paper you found. "flexible evidence-based process that combines reflection and documentaion" would be the students workbooks and folio's we ask them to maintain.

  2. thats great tracey will keep up with my blogs cheers cyndy

  3. Hi Cyndy,
    I really like the papers that you have found, especially the first one. There is a good examples of a learning journal and I think that is how I manage to ground learning into something that is practical and meaningful for me - that is to write about it in a journal. Sometimes some of it ends up on my blog, but mostly I keep it private. Keep it up Cyndy - your blog is fantastic.