Thursday, May 7, 2009

passion for textiles

I have just found the most wonderful blog spot eco-textiles. I am thinking it might be a great way to get my work out there if i set up a passion for textiles, or a textiles passion blog spot with my profile , portfolio , exhibitions, articles etc. It could include visuals, video footage and also links of interest and would be used as a teaching inspiration with my students.


  1. I agree Cyndy this would be a great way to raise your profile. The word Passion would definitely make your blog a popular spot to visit - hopefully they will also be visiting because of the textiles component. For you to make it work with your students it does need to demonstrate "passion" and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the subject - which it will when your students see all your wonderful material. Way to go. I will be watching for the link.

    Was it the website you found which gave you the idea for introducing this sort of flexibility into your teaching, or some other reason based on what you have been reading for the course?

  2. i have to say it was a bit of both as this course has introduced me to technology that is both wonderful but all so can be frustrating!I am a practicing textile artist and a teacher i am passionate about both these areas and they feed into one another. students have in the past expressed how inspiring it can be to be able to view the teachers practice. in the past i have achieved this through exhibitions within the schools exhibition space , however our new pemises have not the space for this, what a shame! Hence the above idea which would not allow for exhibitions to take place so much(not that i think at the moment. i will question whether you could do an exhibition? as i learn more about the techniology available and how it can be utilized) but it would allow a diversity of visuals articals links with an aray of who knows? i seems endless.

  3. ha ha yes passion would most likely be a mistake!!!! be a bit dodgee wouldnt it. I have to get my head around this bloging that anyone can read back to the drawing board with the ideas what i wish to accomplish, how and what is the best way to do this , my students are asking me about this course i am doing and i am sad to say that there doesnt seem to be anyone of them who is interested in bloging. they are just like i was and still can be when the technology beats me!!!! how do i get them interested? by the actuall experience of doing it with in there interest areas?do they have to blog? can they not utilize other things such as websites that have links, i like that within websites you can have so much information in a variety of delivery , links, video, visuals, articals and much more i am sure.The students already use the internet so very much, how can i be of influence here? Lots to think about.cheers cyndy